Thursday, September 4, 2008

One of THOSE Days!

It's not even close to noon, but it's already been one of THOSE days when I wonder why in the world I ever decided to pursue writing as a career.

So much better to relegate writing to the once in a while whim of waiting for the Muse to knock me over the head and insist I sit down at the keyboard. Having a hobby to occupy the spare time I never seem to find would be ever so preferable to the author's life.

When I first started out, I thought showing up and producing words strung together in coherent sentences every single day would be impossible.

Having mastered the fine art of pasting my bottom in the chair and producing acceptable manuscripts, my new impossible goal became working up the nerve to submit.

The impossible task of dealing with rejection and learning to pick up the pieces and submit again eventually resulted in publication.

Surely, it should have been clear sailing once I'd mastered the basics. Just show up, do the work, and deposit the checks. Right?

I wish. The morning started with trying to collect a long overdue payment from New York. Still waiting for the call back on that.

Now, I have to turn my attention to a local ongoing project that I started in June. I got paid for three weeks, managed to get three more invoices posted for payment, and am working on the rest.

Someday, I hope my "impossible" translates into deciding which designer dress to wear to an awards ceremony and how to invest my fortune in royalties.

Today is one of those days when I deal with the not so glamorous business side of an author's life.

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May the Muse be kind!!

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