Thursday, June 25, 2009


I haven't written many poems, but I do find they are a great source of release when going through troubled times. The first one was written when I woke up one morning after being married for over ten years, and realized...the man lying next to me had become a virtual stranger.


Nothing More

Whispered in my ear
Three small words spoken many times before
My heart does not flutter like the first time
A moment of disbelief
Nothing more

A note left on the table
Signed in the same way as always
I look for some uniqueness in the words
A tear escapes
Nothing more

A letter in my mailbox
Words of endearment as if copied
No unpredictable gesture of kindness
A heavy sigh
Nothing more

A night of lovemaking
Hurried motions without meaning
No shudder reaches my lips
Cry into my pillow
Nothing more

Suitcase ready to depart
Filled with regrets of time lost
The words I love you have no meaning
When they are just words
Nothing more

Adelle Laudan
Copyright 2007

This poem was written during a period of time in my life where I lost one too many friends to the disease of alcoholism. I remember writing this the night of the funeral.


Rebel Child

Rebel child
Beautiful baby
Born into a life of abuse
Born destined to abuse her life

Rebel child
Always on the run
Not knowing where you are headed
Not knowing where you came from

Rebel child
Such a beauty
Using her smile to find acceptance
Using her smile to accept her reality

Rebel child
Silently weeping
Trying to understand her past
Trying to forget her memories

Rebel child
Easing the pain
Drowning her sorrows in a bottle
Drowning in an ocean of guilt

Rebel child
Always searching
Looking for love in all the wrong places
Looking for a place to call home

Rebel child
Is missing
No one is looking for her
No one knows she is gone

Rebel child
Finds peace
Escape was at the bottom of the bottle
Escape caressed her, took away the pain

Copyright 2005
Adelle Laudan

I don't want you to think my poems are only of sadness and heartache, so I will throw this one in the mix. I think the passion is very obvious.



Some folks ride in the rain
To wash away their tears
Yearning for days of yesterday
Never shifting gears

They always ride the same old roads
Never venturing into the unknown
Cursing their life for opportunities missed
Crying as they head home

I don’t dwell on days gone by
I took a different route
I look forward to the open skies,
Riding free is what it’s all about

So, I bring to life my iron beast
As quickly as can be
I don’t want to miss a moment in time
There's still too much left to see

I want to feel the winds of time
Blowing in my face
I want to find many new roads
Not happy to be just taking up space

I want to see what's up ahead
Not where I should have turned
Life's too short to have regrets
Just long enough to learn

So when the rain is upon us
When you hear the thunder crack
Go for a ride and cleanse your spirit
Get your life back on track

It's all right to walk down memory lane,
That’s part of who we are
But, today is for the living
To chase a shooting star

The thrill is in the mystery
Not what you already know
In the wind is where it’s happening
Not knowing where you go

Life is riding all the twists and turns
Even when it starts to rain
It’s living in the moment
Ride on or go insane

You can’t see what’s around every corner
Sometimes you have to make a change
The world is yours for the taking
Even when it means riding in the rain

Adelle Laudan
Copyright  2004

I'd also like to share a Sqeeeeee!! moment in my house. My youngest daughter, soon to be 14 years old, graduated grade eight this week. She won two awards. One , Excellence in Visual Arts...and, The Award for Literacy! Was a very proud moment in my life.


Susanne said...

Thanks for sharing your beautiful poetry, Adelle.

And congratulations to your award winning graduate too.

Happy Summer!

Lindsay Townsend said...

Heart-felt and lovely poems, Adelle.
Congratulations for your daughter!

Maggie Toussaint said...

Congratulations on your daughter's achievements, Adelle. And thanks for sharing your poetry. You have so many talents!


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