Thursday, October 16, 2008

Editor's "Throne" Not So Comfortable After All

This week has been a blur of activity. I did a live online writers conference chat (and am still doing the follow-up week long forum.)

Judging a writer's guild competition in my "spare" time made me feel like I'd suddenly switched places with an editor.

Instead of waiting on pins and needles to see if my "masterpiece" made its way to the top of the slush pile and actually got accepted, I had to fill out individual evaluation sheets and make comments directly on the manuscripts.

My first impression of the entries was NOT positive. I set them aside to start fresh the next morning. Knowing what it feels like to be a writer who has tried to send her very best work, I wanted to give other writers every possible advantage.

Unfortunately, the entries didn't look any better the second time through. Or the third.

Most of the stories didn't get started until the third or fourth page. Dialogue was stiff and didn't seem age appropriate. There were way too many spelling and punctuation errors to dismiss as the two or three even the most careful of writers may miss.

I finally forced myself to complete the task. It couldn't have been mere coincidence that I got a brutal headache when it was time to pick the "winners."

Even though it's plenty tough to occupy a writer's chair, I've decided it's more comfortable than an editor's.

May the Muse be kind!!

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