Thursday, December 11, 2008

Adding a Bit of Sanity to This Crazy Season

As Adele pointed out, it IS that crazy time of year. Families gather, thoughts scatter, and writing is often shoved to the bottom of the much too long To Do List.

Here are a couple of suggestions to add a bit of sanity (and productivity) to this challenging season.

Try to beg, borrow, or steal a bit of time to flex your writing muscles every day. Otherwise, it's going to be very difficult to get back to your work routine after the holidays. You obviously won't be able to get the usual amount of writing done, but DO try to string some words together.

No time to write? "Sketch" instead. Use the original word processor (a notebook and pen/pencil) to jot down holiday story ideas. Capture the sensory details (sights/sounds/smells/tastes) that will add richness to your work when you finally have time to sit down at the computer keyboard. Don't forget to do some character sketching too by making the most of people watching around that extended family dinner table or at those holiday parties you simply must attend.

Whatever holidays you celebrate, do hope they're filled with loads of love, laughter, and wonderful surprises!

May the Muse be kind!!

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Leon1234 said...

Hello! This was great.

Susanne said...

Thanks, Leon.

Nice to know somebody read it!!


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