Thursday, July 30, 2009

When Real Life Comes Crashing Down

I'm not at my brightest and best first thing in the morning. When I peeked out the living room window Monday, it took me a minute to figure out what was wrong with the still dark view.

Finally, it dawned on me. The streetlight didn't usually float so low over the bushes in the front yard.

I spent almost an hour on hold trying to convince a customer service representative that the pole presented a safety hazard for two reasons. First, it was impossible to determine exactly where it would land when it stopped going lower and lower. Second, there was still power to the pole.

When the crew came out to cut the power and safely lower the pole to the ground, I tried to get an idea of when there would be light (not to mention identification for the streets again.) No such luck.

I spent over an hour on hold again today ... ever so "efficiently" using my telephone handset speaker feature so I could "work" (or TRY to) while I waited.

The pole is supposed to be replaced in 10-20 business days. Until then, it will be pitch black out there. There must be a story idea in there somewhere!

May the Muse be kind!!

Susanne Rose
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Maggie Toussaint said...

Ah Susanne, you were so right to get that light pole taken care of. No telling what kind of harm it could have caused.

I think it's always better to be proactive when you have the chance.

Kathy Otten said...

We have no street lights so it's always dark. It's nice though when you want to look at the stars or have a fire out back.


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