Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Magic Moments

We all have 'magic moments' in our lives - those times when time itself seems to stand still and we are truly overwhelmed with joy: when we find our soul mate and recognise each other, when a child is born, when our love returns safely from a long journey. The happy exchange of flowers and other gifts, chosen with care and thought. Or that first loving kiss - and then others, and more.

Life is made complete by such moments.

Story and myth also has magic moments. Here are some of my favourites from well-known fairy stories and myths.

When the prince finds the glass slipper in Cinderella.

When Beauty tells the Beast she loves him and he is transformed.

When Gerda rescues Kai in the Snow Queen.

When Penelope tricks Odysseus into revealing who he is - by tricking him into describing their very unusal bed - and reunites with him at the end of The Odyssey.

Here are my magic moments - what are yours?


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