Thursday, September 18, 2008

Tap Dancing as Fast as I Can

The check is in the mail. I know; that's what they all say, but this is the first time in the LONG process of trying to get a publisher to replace the spring check that never arrived that I heard those beautiful words.

I'll believe them when I hold the check in my greedy little hands.

Till then, I'm tap dancing as fast as I can tying to clear my desk to make room for contest entries I promised to judge and work related to the online writers conference.

What's on your desk?

If you registered for The Muse Online Writers Conference, remember to sign up for BURN THOSE BUNNY SLIPPERS AND BECOME THE SUCCESSFUL WRITER YOU ALWAYS WANTED TO BE ... Chat Monday, Oct. 13 9 a.m. EST and all-week workshop. It will be my pleasure to "meet" you and work with you!

May the Muse be kind!!

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