Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Hey everyone! It’s great to be here, and thank you to the SRN team for allowing me on board – especially at such short notice! I don’t usually barrel in at the very last moment, but today is an exception, and what I may have lacked in restraint, I’m sure I’ve more than made up in enthusiasm!

So, you may well be asking, what’s so special about today? Well, first it’s my release day for A Thick Line – a red-letter day for any author, no matter how many books they may have under the belt. Second, it’s also the very first book that I actually designed the cover for, so that’s kind of special to me. Lastly, it’s my first adventure into the realm of “romantic suspense” – something that surprised me, as I didn’t set out to write suspense. It was just there, lurking beneath the surface and slowly but surely demanded a voice…

I was a little alarmed at first – having relatively recently gotten this little head around writing romance, writing suspense seemed a bit of a stretch, and I confess I was a little worried that one would get lost in the other. But, as I’ve since been told, I was worrying needlessly, which just goes to show!

Actually, it was a fascinating journey and I think that, as a writer, I learned a phenomenal amount – not the least of which was the somewhat intriguing discovery that other “elements”, when judiciously used and if they are integral to a story, can actually bring in a whole new dimension that adds layers and creates conflicts that might otherwise not have been possible.

All in all, I had a blast – writing the book, doing the cover, and now seeing it “step out” for the first time. So, here’s the blurb, and you can find an excerpt at: http://www.bookstrand.com/product-athickblackline-13953-330.html


Bo Carmichael has drawn a thick black line around her heart, and with good reason. She has worked hard to overcome the anguish of betrayal and the devastation it wreaked in her family's lives, and she's now close to realizing her dreams. There simply isn't place in this equation for emotional entanglements, especially not with Nic Sinclaire, the only man who has the ability to breach her defenses.
From their first encounter, an impossible chemistry rages between them – a crackling heat that threatens to melt the ice surrounding her.
A bizarre twist makes Nic a constant companion and self-appointed protector. As Bo's barriers shift and crumble, she can no longer ignore the powerful emotions his proximity evokes…

And to celebrate and just for fun, because I’m in the mood, I’m going to add an ARC of A Thick Black Line to the Classic Romance Revival subscriber’s weekly draw for the last week of June (i.e. the short “two-day” week, 29th and 30th June) making it a double prize – A Thick Black Line and The Look.

To enter, simply go to the CRR blog at http://www.classicromancerevival.com/blog/. Enter your email in the Subscribe2 block in the sidebar and click send. You’ll receive a short story free read, and automatically go into the draw.

See you all again soon. I’m off to celebrate!


Lindsay Townsend said...

Congratulations on your latest release, Judah! I love romantic suspense and this one looks delicious! After reading your excerpt I've gone and bought my copy!

Unknown said...

Congrats on the new release, Judah! Rom suspense is my genre of choice. I wish you many sales.


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