Thursday, June 18, 2009

Summer Fun & Summer WORK

Writers who have kids home from school for the summer and writers whose only "kids" have four feet and fur have something in common. Most confess that it's hard to work while the house is full of creatures who don't!

Is noise the primary distraction? Try earphones and your favorite music.

Are you jealous of the splashing in the pool or other summer fun? Try staying up an hour later, getting up an hour earlier (or both) to work and then take a well-deserved break to join in the summer fun.

Keeping lots of low calorie cold drinks handy (like iced tea/herbal fruit infusions, iced coffee, or fresh lemonade/limeade made with artificial sweetener) will help your fingers fly over that keyboard.

And if all else fails ... put those creatures to work. The youngest of children can probably handle a simple task with a bit of guidance. How about those repetitive chores that waste valuable writing time like putting address stickers on query/manuscript envelopes or straightening up the to be read mountain? Older children might enjoy doing some market research (or other research) on the internet.

Those furry "kids" can help too. My dog cocks his head and listens intently when I read my work aloud. I know it's time to revise when he treats me to a bored yawn and walks away!

May the Muse be kind!!

Susanne Rose
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Unknown said...

LOL I love that you read to your dog! Great tips.

Susanne said...

Not only do I read to my dog ... I swear he has ESP. He walks to the mailbox faster when there's an acceptance waiting there and SLOWER when there's a rejection!


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