Monday, February 9, 2009

Buzzed from a conference

Hi friends,

I've been remiss in getting over to SRNwrites this year. It seems like there is never enough time in the day. I'm catching up on several fronts today, but I had such a wonderful time at a conference this weekend, I thought I'd share.

I was invited to Murder in Magic City and Murder on the Menu, two companion conferences in Alabama. I accepted and boy am I glad I did. I met lots of wonderful authors and made some new reader friends as well. I am thrilled at the response to the conference and the enthusiasm with which folks bought my books. It was a major ego rush.

I was in great company. There were six well-known multi-pubbed mystery/suspense writers there: Carla Neggers, Peggy Webb, Kent Krueger, Cara Black, Vicki Lane, and Deborah Crombie. The rest of us were: Meredith Anthony, Jennie Bentley, Peggy Ehrhardt, Terry Griffin, Larry Light, Mary Jane Maffini, Vinny O'Neil, Deborah Sharp, Liz Zelvin, and me. What fun we all had.

And the cool thing is that on the first night of the conference, some of the readers went back to their rooms, looked me up on the internet, and friended me here there and yon. All those social networks are beginning to pay off!

Okay, you're probably sick of me gushing on about this, so I'll sign off. But picture me with a cheesy grin, all right?

Maggie Toussaint

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Adelle said...

I'm so jealous! Happy you had the opportunity. Sounds like it was a blast.


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