Thursday, February 26, 2009

Tough Times Call for Tougher Authors

If your author's life is anything like mine, you might be ever so tempted to just pull the covers over your head and never leave your bed.

The Rainy Day Fund you scrimped and saved and clipped countless coupons to create isn't earning enough interest to pay for a First Class stamp. Every time you log onto a writer's loop, there's dismal news about a publisher who isn't paying, a magazine distributor that shuttered its doors and left newsstands alarmingly bare, or word of another market that's dead/dying.

Whatever should we do?

Throw off those covers, get out of bed, put on our big girl panties, and get to work! One foot in front of the other. One word at a time.

When times get tough, the tough keep working. I'm going to cross my fingers and hope that there's going to be light at the end of that dark tunnel soon ... light that isn't the proverbial train!

What's your strategy to cope with all the dismal news?

May the Muse be kind!!

Susanne Rose
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Judith Leger said...

Strategy? Hum, I sulk for about a week, then pull my chair out and write. Can't help it. Once, I sent out 23 query letters to agents. I received 23 rejections back. When the last one came, I went out and celebrated with a dinner at my favorite restaurant. Hey, I had a perfect response to my query.

Next week, I sent out more queries. You never know. The next batch might be all acceptances. This is what keeps me going.

You said pull up your big girl panties? Yep, but make sure they don't get stuck in your ass. Really uncomfortable when your muse is composing!

Thanks, Susanne, for posting and reminding us!

Susanne said...

Judith - One strategy that helps (unless everybody miraculously makes it through their slush piles at the same moment no matter when you submit) is to make sure you keep adding to your stack of queires/submissions so that you never get to the last rejection. Saves a lot of down time!


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